The Worst Suffering in Pandemic Days

P.S. the common suffering

The prevailing pandemic has weakened our world in all possible ways.

Photo by Brut Carniollus on Unsplash

One of the greatest threats every living soul has ever faced is the persistent pandemic. Thousands of casualties and millions of new infections every single day. Nothing can jeopardize life as coronavirus has done due to millions of casualties, isolation, and loneliness of people who are battling death, financial problems, enclosure of educational institutions and, all those things which we hadn’t imagined two years back.

Dying people feel better if they are surrounded by their loved ones but covid-19 has taken the last happiness of dying patients too. Furthermore, suffering doesn’t end there.

The greatest suffering to all of us is not the death as an abandoned person or desperately struggling for breath and not the disease which has harmed every organ of an infected person or the disease which wrecks our lives again and again but its the agony in foresight which hasn’t let our mind be at peace, the pain which is experienced by everyone, those who had the infection as well as those who hadn’t.

We all are suffering in anticipation of what is to come which is the greatest of all sufferings. This suffering in imagination will get us nowhere but we can’t help it. Can we?

“We are more often frightened than hurt, and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.’

~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

It’s commonly believed that in areas having a high number of new Covid infections people face stress and anxiety which is a product of ours suffering in imagination.

Lock Downs, financial problems, loss of dear ones are disrupting the peace of our thoughts and mind especially to those who haven’t suffered from it physically.

Nobody knows when the disease is coming to an end and how much time we have got as it’s so easy to catch the infection. Covid-19 can cause neurological and mental damages as well such as delirium and stroke.

But we all are withstanding more discomfort in imagination than in reality and suffering in imagination is worse than suffering itself, as the greatest fear is fear itself.

The fear of consequences if the condition of pandemic prevails or gets worse, or if our loved ones caught it, the fear of the worst all these thoughts cannot be easily banished.

Imagination is the most powerful ability. We can rely on it as it is a true sign of intelligence (or so says Einstein). But this image is responsible for our greatest suffering. Our minds don’t let go of thinking bad about what is to come. And, sometimes imagination makes us more sick and vulnerable than we already are.

The point is where does this image get us? We can’t stop ourselves from imagination but we can reduce the suffering attached to it.

“Imagination will often carry us to the worlds that never were. But without it, we go nowhere.” ~Carl Sagan

J.K Rowling, the author of bestseller series ever, has beautifully characterized a solution in Hagrid’s words,

“What’s coming will come, and we will meet it when it does.”

~J.K Rowling in Harry Potter Series

It’s written in our fate to endure it with precautionary measures like the people in the influenza pandemic years. Why not get over the suffering which is knocking health out of us?

It’s advised by doctors all over the world to keep yourself busy and to abandon the thoughts which cause pain and mental illness.

We lose some, we gain some, this is a life that never goes as planned. everything happens for a good reason. Relinquishing hope shouldn't be an option.

“Where there’s hope, there’s life. It fills us with fresh courage and makes us strong again.”

~Anne Frank, author of The diary of a young girl

And strength is what we need!



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