Ten common traits of creative people and how to develop them?

Creativity is creating a new piece to get attention or to entertain or to inform. All creative people have more or less similar traits. You can develop these characteristics if you have not.

Let’s have a look at the very traits.

Creative people have inborn originality. Creativity is creating a brand new piece, it is not about producing someone’s work. If you don’t have it now, you can develop it by practising. By writing time and again, you develop love for your own work. No copying or expanding is liked by a writing practitioner.


Yes, creative people/writers have curiosity. Their inward curiosity is expressed in their writings. Suspense, climax, mystery are important in writing. It grabs reader’s attention by raising questions in his/hers mind. By analyzing all situations and by reading suspense stories you can develop curiosity.


Creativity is accompanied with zest. Zeolous and diligent people are creative. Writing is not a dream come true overnight. You sit for hours and hours and then you are able to write a fine piece. Enthusiastic people bring great change. Don’t worry if you are not enthusiastic. It’s never too late to find your way.

Sense of humour:

A dull/boring piece of writing is not appreciated. You have to make your writing appealing. Your writing is the only way of your promotion. So, creative people know how to connect different ideas and how to make writing interesting. It can be witty jokes, prevailing slogan etc. which attracts readers. To develop this trait you need to observe all the things deeply plus you should read as many writer’s book as you can.


Writing can or can not be reality based. Imaginative nature is prerequisite for fiction writing. You have to look as how the things can be not as how the things are. Fantasy is present in creative people. If you fail to imagine, you should observe the things deeply. Perception increases as soon as you start to go in chemistry of the things.

Open minded:

Creative writers are neutal, impartial and broad-minded. A biased point of view is never welcomed. You have to observe the things from every aspect before writing an opinion based piece.

Free time:

Writers dwell in some other world. Writing a good piece needs a lot of planning and thinking. So, to have full advantage of your thinking power, you need to have free time. Solitude and loneliness brings great uses. Give time to your thoughts and they will make our your way.


Yes, this is connectivity will gives a well organized shape to your writings. You have to connect every sentence with other, if you don’t there would be a vacuum. To cover the gap you need to make connections between old and new ideas, between one line and next, between one paragraph and the other. To booast connectivity in your writing you need to write more and read more.


Creative minds are complex. They make new tracks and make out their way by themselves. What makes them special is difficult situation being chosen by them. If you want to have complexity in your writings read great authors and learn about their methodology.


They have great perception power which makes them understand whatever is apparent plus hidden. Unsaid details are more likely to get attention.Dark characters appeal readers and creative people are good at it. To improve perception and understanding you have to improve your observation.



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Fiza Ameen

A nyctophile, truth-seeker gravitating towards human nature| Writing is my way of unlearning the patterns.